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Naruto Tenten cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Cosplay theme: Naruto cosplay
Character: Tenten
Coser: Shitface
Photographer: Shitface’s mother takes this photo and i am sorry that i don’t know her name.
Cosplay Lightspot: the coser’s whole Tenten cosplay dressing

My Comment: This Naruto Tenten cosplay photo is so good! This coser shows us a beautiful real existed Tenten by dressing herself the same as Tenten—-same cosplay costumes, same cosplay accessories(her headband), same make up(her hairstyle). I like her pink Tenten cosplay costumes–it gives me a classical beauty feeling. So this coser’s Tenten pink cosplay costume attracts my attention when i see this cosplay! So cosplay costumes will be your cosplay lightspot which will make people have a deep impression on your cosplay.

My own Tenten cosplay costume displaying:

naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Tenten 1st Cosplay Costume



Naruto Uzumaki cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Cosplay theme: Naruto cosplay
Character: Naruto Uzumaki
Coser: Mimixum
Photographer: Anne
Cosplay Lightspots: This coser’s Naruto Uzumaki make up and cool posture

My Comment: Do you like this Naruto Uzumaki cosplay? In my opinion, this coser’s cosplay is very successful because i think she pays attention to some details: same cosplay costume; vivid Naruto Uzumaki make up; same cool but interesting Naruto Uzumaki postures. So you also need to pay attention to these details when you are preparing for your cosplay.

My own Naruto Uzumaki cosplay costumes displaying:

Naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Uzumaki Maturo 6th Cosplay Costume


Naruto Momochi Zabuza Group Cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Series: Naruto
Characters: Naruto Group: Momochi Zabuza(two cosers cosplay this character), Kakashi(two cosers cosplay this character)
Cosers: Envy(sexy Zabuza), Lara(sexy Kakashi), Marta and Jimmy
Photographer: Stefanotealdi
Photo Lightspot: different cosplay style of Zabuza and Kakashi(sexy and justice)

My Comment: These four cosers display us two kinds of Zabuza and Kakashi—interesting and special! So if you and your friends want to do a group Naruto cosplay, i think you can cosplay some same characters but in different style of this character—show their different personality. Then you need to prepare different cosplay costume styles according to your different cosplay aspect of the same character.

My own Momochi Zabuza cosplay costume displaying:

Naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Momochi Zabuza 2nd Cosplay Costume


Naruto Haruno Sasuke cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Cosplay Theme: Naruto Haruno Sasuke cosplay
Character: Naruto Haruno Sasuke
Coser: I am sorry that i don’t know any more information about the coser:(It will be highly appreciated that someone can tell me more information.
Photographer: Lionboogy
Photo Lightspot: the coser’s Naruto Haruno Sasuke cosplay costume

My Comment: Naruto Haruno Sasuke my favourite character in animation Naruto. She is a girl who has light pink hair, big green eyes and fair skin. I think she is so beautiful! This coser show us a vivid Naruto Haruno Sasuke by wearing same cosplay costumes and applying herself some suitable make up. In a word, whether you can have an attractive cosplay, the most key point is your cosplay costume (people will learn about which character you are cosplaying by your cosplay costume). So your same cosplay costume as the character you decide to cosplay is very important because they help you pass the anime character’s basic information.

My own Naruto Haruno Sasuke cosplay costume displaying ( which i get from an excellent online cosplay costume store: M-Cosplay–

Naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Shikamaru cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Cosplay Theme: Naruto cosplay
Character: Naruto Shikamaru
Coser: Oona Hokkanen
Photographer: I am sorry that i don’t know any more information about the photographer and i will be very grateful if someone can tell me more information:)
Photo Lightspot: cool Naruto Shikamaru expression and posture

My comment: If you are a Naruto lover and i think you will be familiar with one famous character: Naruto Shikamaru. I like this coser’s Naruto Shikamaru cosplay. Because he displays us a real existed Naruto Shikamaru which is the same in the animation. What helps him have this effect? I think her cool Naruto Shikamaru cosplay costume and cool Naruto Shikamaru posture help her have this successful cosplay. So you should pay attention to these points if you want to have an attractive cosplay.

My own Naruto Shikamaru cosplay costumes displaying—-which i find in an online cosplay store: M-Cosplay(

Naruto Nara Shikamaru Cosplay

Naruto Nara Shikamaru 1st Cosplay Costume