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Naruto Character Shizune Cosplay

Naruto Cosplay

Shizune from famous Japanese animation Naruto

Coser: Sophie
Photographer: Reno
Cosplay Lightspot: her whole Shizune cosplay costumes and the photographing background sceneary

P.S. I am attracted when i saw this cosplay photo at my first sight—beautiful sceneary, perfect cosplay, everything is perfect! I like this coser’s whole Shizune cosplay costumes because Shizune is my favourite anime character in this animation and this coser let me see a real live Shizune in reality.

My own Shizune cosplay costume displaying and i think you will need ut for your Shizune cosplay:

Naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Shizune Cosplay Costume



Naruto Aburame Shino Cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Aburame Shino from animation Naruto

Coser / Submitter: Heero(Matte)
Photographer: Nyao
Cosplay Lightspot: His Aburame Shino cosplay costumes

My Comment: I am attracted by the quite and cool feeling of this set of cosplay photo when i saw them and i decide to share with you:) I believe that you can easily identify which character that this coser is cosplaying when you see this set of cosplay photos. Because the cosplay costumes tell us everything about the anime character that the coser is cosplayig—-Naruto Aburame Shino. His balck glasses is a significant of Aburame Shino and this coser wear a same one–so cool.

Mu own Aburame Shino cosplay costumes displaying:

Naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Aburame Shino 2nd Cosplay Costume


Naruto Mitarashi Anko Cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Mitarashi Anko from animation Naruto

Coser: Anko
Photographer: I am sorry that i don’t know who takes this cosplay photo and i will be glad if some one can tell me more information
Cosplay Lightspot: The cool feeling the coser show us

P.S. I love the whole matching of this Mitarashi Anko cosplay—-so cool! This long Mitarashi Anko cosplay coat can help you look taller and slimer than before—-it will be a best choice for thse who want make themselves look more cool than before. I recognise she is cosplaying Mitarashi Anko by seeing her Mitarashi Anko cosplay costume and her cosplay wig. So a good cosplay will need the help of both the same cosplay costumes and some unique cosplay accessories.

My own Naruto Mitarashi Anko cosplay coat displaying:

Naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Mitarashi Anko Cosplay Costume


Naruto Haku Cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Haku form animation Naruto

Coser: MIUX-R
Photographer: I am sorry that i don’t know any more information about the photographer and i will be happy if someone can tell me more information.
Cosplay Lightspot: her whole set of Haku cosplay costumes

P.S. I like the coser’s whole Haku dressing style especially her green cosplay coat. So this coser does a perfect Haku cosplay because her entire Haku cosplay attires preparation: cosplay costumes and cosplay wig which helps she have a same hairstyle as the original anime Haku image.

My own Haku cosplay costume displaying:

Naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Haku 1st Cosplay Costume


Naruto Group —— Jiraiya, Tsunade and Naruto Cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Jiraiya, Tsunade and Naruto form animation Naruto

Cosers / Submitters: Joker, MN and Lan
Photographer: I am sorry that i don’t any more information about the photographer:(
Cosplay Lightspot: Their same cosplay dressing as the characters they are cosplaying

P.S. The three cosers has three kinds of cool postures which is related to the personality of the characters they are cosplaying. So you need to learn some basic information about the characters you will cosplay: their personality, dressing habit and some features of their body if you want to do a vivid but creative cosplay of these characters. For example, you need to know some information about the character’s personality if you want to do some cool postures when you are cosplaying this character—-the posture should be appropriate.

My own Naruto Jiraiya cosplay costume displaying and i get it form one online cosplay costumes store: M-Cosplay:

Naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Inuzuka Kiba Cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Inuzuka Kiba from Animation Naruto

Cosplayers / Submitters: Venusprince
Photographer: Oscar
Cosplay Lightspot: this coser’s cool posture

P.S. I know she is cosplaying Inuzuka Kiba when i see her Inuzuka Kiba cosplay costume——which is the same as the costumes which is worn by Inuzuka Kiba in this animation. Her Inuzuka Kiba make up is so unique—-pay attention to the red pattern under her eyes. So you need to show out the characters’ special places when you are cosplaying—-their make up, their costumes which is worn by them commonly, their special accessories—-weapons and so on.

My own Inuzuka Kiba cosplay costumes displaying—-i find them in an online cosplay costumes stores: M-Cosplay,

Naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Inuzuka Kiba 1st Cosplay Costume


Naruto Gaara Cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Gaara (male) from Naruto

Cosplayers / Submitters: RedHades (penname)
Photographer: SolarTempest
Photo Lightspot: This coser’s whole Gaara dressing (cosplay costumes, same red hair style and the big cosplay prop: calabash

P.S. I like the coser’s whole Gaara dressing style—so interesting but cool, i seem like see a real Gaara in front of me! Do you pay attention to the small tattoo on the coser’s left side of forehead—a small red “love”, which is the same as the Gaara’s. I think this coser pick a suitable imitating anime character for herself because she has the same figure as the Gaara and her skin is fair also. She also dry herself a short red spiky hair style like Gaara and use a unique cosplay prop: calabash, so she has a successful Gaara cosplay!

My own Gaara cosplay costume displaying and i find this set of costumes in an online cosplay costumes store: M-Cosplay,

Naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Gaara 2nd Cosplay Costume