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Naruto Tenten Cosplay

Naruto Tenten Cosplay

Coser: chuwei

There are many famous characters in animation Naruto, Uzumaki, Sankura, Kakashi and so on will be some hot characters known by people. I think Naruto Tenten will be an character which less known by people. But I like him, so i think doing a Tenten cosplay will be an interesting thing. I like this Tenten cosplay photo because coser Chuwei almost show us a vivid Tenten. Wishing you will like this interesting cosplay.

I have a same set of Naruto Tenten cosplay costumes as this coser:

naruto Tenten cosplay costume
Naruto Tenten 2nd Cosplay Costume


Naruto Yuuhi Kurenai Cosplay

Naruto Yuuhi Kurenai cosplay

Naruto Yuuhi Kurenai cosplay

Coser: Aera

I am free today and i am a little bored when i stay at home alone. So i search some brilliant anime cosplay on the Internet. Naruto cosplay is one of the Japan anime cosplay theme now and i get the following two Naruto Yuuhi Kurenai Cosplay photoshoots which is done by the coser / Aera. So good!!!

The most cheap and qualified Naruto Yuuhi Kurenai Cosplay costume I find online:

Naruto Yuuhi Kurenai cosplay Costume
Naruto Yuuhi Kurenai 2nd Cosplay Costume

Best Anime Gifts-Naruto Anime Body Pillowcase

Naruto pillowcases
Naruto Uchiha itachi and Sasori Body Pillowcase

I believe most of the people will be interested in animation or have some friends who is interested in animation. Are you willing to prepare some unique anime gifts for yourself or your frinends? Someone will say: They don’t have some brilliant ideas. Ok, don’t worry. I have an interesting idea: giving yourself or your friends an interesting pillow which have the body prints of your or their favourite anime characters. Winter is coming and I think a soft and warm Anime Body Pillow will be the most intimating gifts. Do you thonk so? The following are two pillowcases which have some famous Naruto characters’ prints which i collect for my coming winter:

Naruto pillowcase
Naruto Hyuuga Hinata and Haruno Sakura Body Pillowcase