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Naruto Tenten Cosplay

Naruto Tenten Cosplay

Coser: chuwei

There are many famous characters in animation Naruto, Uzumaki, Sankura, Kakashi and so on will be some hot characters known by people. I think Naruto Tenten will be an character which less known by people. But I like him, so i think doing a Tenten cosplay will be an interesting thing. I like this Tenten cosplay photo because coser Chuwei almost show us a vivid Tenten. Wishing you will like this interesting cosplay.

I have a same set of Naruto Tenten cosplay costumes as this coser:

naruto Tenten cosplay costume
Naruto Tenten 2nd Cosplay Costume


Naruto Tenten cosplay

Naruto cosplay

Cosplay theme: Naruto cosplay
Character: Tenten
Coser: Shitface
Photographer: Shitface’s mother takes this photo and i am sorry that i don’t know her name.
Cosplay Lightspot: the coser’s whole Tenten cosplay dressing

My Comment: This Naruto Tenten cosplay photo is so good! This coser shows us a beautiful real existed Tenten by dressing herself the same as Tenten—-same cosplay costumes, same cosplay accessories(her headband), same make up(her hairstyle). I like her pink Tenten cosplay costumes–it gives me a classical beauty feeling. So this coser’s Tenten pink cosplay costume attracts my attention when i see this cosplay! So cosplay costumes will be your cosplay lightspot which will make people have a deep impression on your cosplay.

My own Tenten cosplay costume displaying:

naruto cosplay costume

Naruto Tenten 1st Cosplay Costume